Thursday, March 31, 2011

Lamest Picture.....Big Celeb!

At my Girly Brunch on Sunday hosted by my sister-n-law, Zena, I walked right past a couple talking very closely. At Casa Del Mar Hotel, I saw Elizabeth Hurley and Dennis Leary chatting it up. Both were remarkably tall for actors, and damn she is beautiful. This is probably the worst picture yet, but my goal for my blog is either to post my own picture or none at all. Don't want to plagerize and it is more fun to be a sneaky creeper :) Plus when I started this blog, I didnt have a camera phone. Yes in 2010 I still did not have a phone with a camera. Thanks Xerox. Now I do, so snap snap away!

We all met at the Coffee Shop Breakfast this past Saturday with Dave, we saw George Costanza, or should I say Jason Alexander. All of his friends were huge dudes. He actually looked quite petite. This is just one of 20 photos I took from my table :)

Friday Night Lights!

After my bachelorrette party in Austin, and having to wake up at 4am on Monday morning to go to Austin Airport, I fought the smelly SXSW crew who were headed home so early in the morning. Before my bag got searched of lingerie and edible chocolate body paint in security, I waiting in line next to Matt Lauria, from this past season or two of Friday Night Lights. He is also a star in the new show Chicago Code, which I am so lame and watching. He was definitely "Silverlake" with his guitar, earring, and grungy clothes. But cute none the less.

He is not Gay

Last November, Dave helped me in my creepy Celeb spotting! We were in LAX waiting to fly out to London when across the bar, we spotted Matthew Rhys from Brothers and Sisters. As you know he plays Gay brother, Kevin Walker, on ABC's show Brother and Sisters. The photo you see is our sneaky way of snapping a pic before he knows we are doing it. After loads of googleing him, we find he is not of the man loving persuasion and he is Welsh. So as we are waiting to board the flight, I strategically get close to him, Dave walks off and I start up a conversation. Win! We had a moment. I crushed hard on him...then my real crush came back.....very fun. Matthew sat business class as Dave and I walked to the back to scum class. At least the movies are free on international flights!!!!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Everyone is equal when it comes to Bikram..even celebs

So, if you have ever done a Bikram yoga class, you know not to be late and you can't leave early. Well 45 minutes into my 90 minute class this week, in walks Demi Moore. She pops her head in and asks "am I too late?" The instructor quickly responded asking her to leave!!!

Yes, for one brief moment I felt like I had something more than Demi....45 minutes more of crazy sweat. Well...That is something :)

Saturday, May 1, 2010

From this weeks "Celebrities are just like us"

At my local CVS picking up lotion, nail polish remover, you know the basics and I see Forest Whitaker run in, buy a cheap bottle of Chardonnay and run out into his pimped out Prius all blacked out. See Celebrities are likes us..they wait until they are late to a party and pick up cheap drinks...wait, no that's not right. I rather go empty handed then bring wine in a box!

His dog could have died because he was stoned

Location: Sam's Green Paw on Ventura where the awesome dog DEREK goes to play with friends, get his nails clipped, you know day at the spa. As I was picking little D up, the two of us got in the car, started the car and there was a car parked to my passenger side. The guy whose car it was (lexus suv) was outside the car at his door with some sort of yellow large dog. He made no movement when I started the car, and I thought to myself....I am going to hit this dog if I pull out. So, I kindly rolled down my passenger window and said "hey, I don't want to hit your dog man!" and then it was like he just realized I was in the IN REVERSE car next to him and turn to me to say "oh..ok...yeah..we'll move." Hat, Aviators clad Juaquin Phoenix, thick as molasses was the guy...

Monday, April 26, 2010

Ralphs Strikes Again

Your favorite gay resident of Wysteria Lane, Kevin Rahm (Lee), spotted in the produce department of Ralphs. That's it, nothing exciting.

Lohan madness

So I bet you thought this would be about Lindsay Spotted: Michael Lohan with young fiance at Sky Bar, Saturday night. Gross.

The Governator

Spotted: Maria Shriver with 3 of 4 of her and Arnie's kids on 3rd Street Prominade in Santa Monica. It looked like a scene from Twins where one of Arnie's kids was tall and skinny and the other short and he is pissed he didn't get Dad's massive genes.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Vampire Diaries in Real Life

Just hiked Runyon and passed Matthew Davis and his dog twice! He is from "What About Brian", movies like "Blue Crush" and "Legally Blonde" but his latest credit is on the CW's hit series VAMPIRE it! What is so cool is this picture is taken on Runyon where I saw him...just not taken by me..too bad :)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Nail Garden has got the celebs....D listers but who cares!

Getting nails done my right Eva, winner of America's Next top model some seasons ago and to my left, Mr. Belding (Dennis Haskins) from the best teenage sitcom ever!!! He walks in, gives his nail girl a big hug, picks her up and sounds like a bear...hilarious...then he proceeds to talk to a girl waiting to get her nails done about her graphic tee that had two squirells fighting. Serious..she was like 19 and he was staring at her chest....way to go dude and way to gain 50 lbs in the past decade. I was basically the tea pot from the movie Beauty and the Beast...I should have stood up and pretended I was Angela Landsbury and sang a song....I love that soundtrack..takes me back.

Wow....It's been a long time!

This week I have decided to refresh my blog with the latest celeb outings I have had over the past week or so....Here we go...

Dave and I were going to Bed, Bath and Beyond (not Home depot...we are not the handy couple) and as we waited to cross the street, a dude with a hoodie on his head on a scooter (whatever those skateboards with the pole and handle maybe motorized I dont remember) stood next to us. It was crazy windy and I put my hood up too....Joking I turned to the dude with the hood and made some dorkie comment (as usual) and it was Nathan Fillion who plays Richard Castle on the show Castle. I only watch the show because he is awesome....I start remembering my love for the too short series "Firefly". He scooted over to the ATM. Love it.

Last night..outside of Dillion Irish Pub on Hollywood Boulevard, David Arquette and daughter Coco (my mom is a cougar) Cox-Arquette. It looked a lot like this picture, except he had a hood on his head and more clothes were worn by the two of was dark too....Can you picture it???

Monday, August 31, 2009

Depeche Mode Lovers

Just some of the celebs seen at the Hollywood Bowl, Monday August 17th singing and moving their hips to Depeche Mode were Olivia Wilde, known for her lesbian character on the "O.C." and her role on "House". She was just a few boxes down. Also at the afterparty, we saw Jack McFarland, Jack from "Will & Grace"

Hiro Finds a Hottie

So it has been long over due, as the blog has not had much action over the past couple weeks. Two weeks ago, we were at the Lucky Strike before the Depeche Mode concert at the Bowl and saw Masi Oka, who plays Hiro Nakamura on the show Heroes having a drink with a cute blonde. As much as I wanted to grab a picture with him, Dave quick mentioned that it would be a total cock block manuever. So this is what I got....One of the shots is over Al Ghery's hair :)